Pre-World War II
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This picture was taken in 1922, the year the 1st Battalion was formed. We know this because Major Hanson left command in 1922 to become the Adjutant General of Maine. This version of the photo has been edited for web display (including digitally removing (mostly) a serious water stain on the left); the original digital version is available for download in the Downloads section of the Bulletin Board. The original printed version is on hand at the Association office.
The 1st Battalion was formed in 1922 in northeastern Maine. A Regimental HQ and the 2d Battalion followed in 1929.
Most of the information we have about the early history of the regiment comes from a Maine National Guard yearbook published in 1939.
See the links on the left for excerpts and other information. Start with the Regiment, where there's a good summary of both battalions as well.
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Video of the 152nd Field Artillery during the First Army Maneuvers at Pine Camp, NY in August 1935
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To read a fascinating series of vignettes of early battalion life, see the Leroy Adams page. Leroy "Roy" Adams joined the 152nd Field Artillery in 1923, and mobilized with the Battalion in 1941. He wrote this series of memories in 1988-1989 while living at the Maine Veteran's Home in Augusta, for publication in their bi-monthly magazine. These articles have been donated by his son, MG (Ret) Earl Adams. Roy Adams passed away in 1994.
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