Pre-World War II
Battery F, 2nd Battalion
Bangor, Maine
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
From 1939 yearbook:

Battery F, 152nd Field Artillery, was recruited in Bangor early in 1929 by Captain Earl L. Castner and First Lieutenant Earl W. Bowen, these men being the battery's first officers and in command at the time of Federal recognition on March 8, 1929. Captain Castner's period of command was of short duration, being succeeded by Captain Leslie C. McGary, who served in this capacity from 1929 to 1932. He was succeeded by Captain Sherwin M. Ricker, present commander.

In 1933, the battery was converted from horse-drawn to truck-drawn. On May 9, 1933, members of the battery were called out on guard duty in the city of Ellsworth, which had been destroyed by fire. Remaining there for several days, the detail received favorable comment from the authorities for its assistance and conduct. In 1934, the battery's trucks were pressed into service to transport troops and equipment of National Guard units being rushed into the textile strike zones throughout the state. It served on flood duty in 1936.
Earl L. Castner
First Battery Commander
The battery won the clean-kitchen banner in 1937. Many of the non-commissioned officers have been with the battery since its organization in 1929.

For the past six years, the battery has held an annual Father and Son Banquet, which has been of great benefit in favorably advertising the National Guard.
1939 Officers
Paul L. Pooler
First Lieutenant
Eugene R. Johnson
Second Lieutenant
Jay E. Alley
Second Lieutenant
Sherwin M. Ricker
152nd Field Artillery Association
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