Pre-World War II
Battery B, 1st Battalion
Caribou, Maine
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
From 1939 yearbook:

Battery B, 152nd Field Artillery, holder of many trophies, was recruited from the men of Caribou early in 1922 by Captain Samuel W. Collins and was Federally recognized on February 10, 1922. The original officers were Captain Samuel W. Collins, First Lieutenants Leo Paradis and Edmund Pelletier, and Second Lieutenant Cecil Billington.

The battery has been called out in state duty several times since its organization to hunt for lost persons and to fight forest fires, each time rendering valuable and efficient service.

Trophies and honors won by the organization are as follows: Battalion Basketball Trophy, 1924; Battalion Pistol Championship, at Caribou, 1936; first prize at Battalion Pistol Match, Presque Isle, 1936; Battalion Pistol Match, Caribou, 1937; first prize at Battalion Pistol Match, Presque Isle, 1937; second place at Battalion Pistol Match,
Caribou, 1938 and 1939; Regimental Pistol Championship at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, 1938; First place, class B, State Pistol Match, Auburn, Maine, 1931, and Second place, class B, State Pistol Match, Auburn, Maine, 1932.

The Battery furnished two members of the State Artillery Pistol Team at state matches for three consecutive years, 1930-31-32.

The battery commanders since the date of Federal recognition have been as follows: Captain Samuel W. Collins, February 10, 1922 to July 1, 1926; Captain John O. McGuire, July 1, 1926, to May 12, 1931; First Lieutenant Herbert L. Ketch, May 13, 1931, to July 6, 1931, and Captain George M. Carter, July 6, 1931, to the present.

Other officers with the battery have been First Lieutenants Leo J. Paradis, Edmund Pelletier, Fred E. Parady, and Second Lieutenants Cecil Billington, Kenneth O. McLaughlin, Vaughn W. Armstrong, Herbert M. Brown, Edmund D. White, and Jesse R. Russell.

Battery Commanders
John O. McGuire
Herbert L. Ketch
George M. Carter
Samuel W. Collins
152nd Field Artillery Association
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