Pre-World War II
Headquarters Battery and Combat Train, 2nd Battalion
Old Town, Maine
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
From 1939 yearbook:

Headquarters Battery and Combat Train, Second Battalion, 152nd Field Artillery, was Federally recognized April 20, 1936. It functioned at the time as Service Battery of the regiment, having served as such since April 14, 1926. The commanding officer of the Service Battery, Captain John H. Davidson, continued to command the new Headquarters Battery until November 30, 1936, when he retired from active service.

The battery is now commanded by Captain Stephen R. Bussell, who succeeded Captain Davidson. Its other officers are First Lieutenant Wilber E. Bradt and Second Lieutenant Lloyd Oliver. It has an enlisted personnel of 35 men, practically all from the city of Old Town.
John H. Davidson
1926 - 1936
Wilber E. Bradt
First Lieutenant
Stephen R. Bussell
Commander, 1936-1939+
Lloyd Oliver
Second Lieutenant
1939 Officers
152nd Field Artillery Association
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