Pre-World War II
Battery E, 2nd Battalion
Brewer, Maine
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From 1939 yearbook:

Battery E,152nd Field Artillery, Brewer, was organized in February, 1929, and Federally recognized March 5, 1929. Captain Arthur H. Norwood was commander, O'Dillion C. Turner, First Lieutenant; Charles Kavanagh and William G. Kenney, Second Lieutenants. The first assemblies were in the Brewer city hall. Later the fire station in South Brewer was remodeled and turned over to the organization as an Armory.

In the 1934 textile strike, the unit transported troops to and from the strike area. The battery, displaying a lively cooperative spirit with the American Legion and other veteran organizations, stands ready to aid any civic enterprise. Although the battery's first aim is to excel in military tactics, it also excels in athletic endeavors, being the only battery to win the regimental baseball championship cup for three years. The battery has five silver cups, awarded for sports, clean kitchen, and pistol marksmanship.
Arthur H. Norwood
First Battery Commander
Battery commanders since Federal recognition have been as follows: Captain Arthur H. Norwood, March 5, 1929, to the time of his death, June 24, 1937; First Lieutenant Lynwood W. Fisher, June 24, 1937, to October 1, 1937, and Captain Earl W. Bowen, transferred from the Second Battalion Staff, October 1, 1937 to the present.

Captain Bowen served in the Second Maine Infantry from 1911 to 1916. He re-enlisted in the First Maine Heavy Artillery in 1917 and served 28 months in the World War, one year in France and with the Army of Occupation, in Germany. he re-enlisted in the 103rd Infantry, serving with this outfit until 1929, when his company was converted to Battery F, 152nd Field Artillery. He was promoted to Captain, served as Battalion Adjutant until 1937, then took over Battery E. His is a graduate of the Machine Gun School of Chatillon-sur-Seine, France, and the Field Artillery School, Fort sill, Oklahoma, 1937.
Battery Commanders
Earl W. Bowen
Lynwood W. Fisher
1939 Officers
William D. Tardiff
First Lieutenant
Harold H. Coslow
Second Lieutenant
Roger L. Averill
Second Lietenant
152nd Field Artillery Association
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