Pre-World War II
Battery C, 1st Battalion
Fort Fairfield, Maine
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
From 1939 yearbook:

Battery C, 152nd Field Artillery, was Federally recoginized February 11, 1922. The original officers, who were its organizers, were Captain Robert Brannon, First Lieutenants B. Libby and A.F. Cook, and Second Lieutenant Fred Fisher. Captain Brennon resigned in May, 1923, and Lieutenant Libby took over the command, serving efficiently until his resignation in December, 1924. During this period, Clifford L. Dean was appointed First Lieutenant in place of Lieutenant Cook.

After the resignation of Captain Libby, George W. Putnam was appointed Captain, with First Lieutenant Dean and Second Lieutenants John S. Johnston and Lynwood W. Fisher. When Captain Putnam was appointed Major in 1934, First Lieutenant Dean became Captain. Besides Captain Dean, present officers are First Lieutenant Wallace H. Campbell, Second Lieutenant Frank W. Burns, and Second Lieutenant Kenneth O. McLaughlin.
Battery Commanders
B. Libby
George W. Putnam
Clifford L. Dean
Robert Brannon
152nd Field Artillery Association
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