Pre-World War II
2nd Battalion, 152nd Field Artillery
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We don't know a lot about the 2nd Battalion before WWII other than what's published in the 1939 yearbook. Because only the 1st Battalion remained after the War, there hasn't been any institutional memory of the 2nd Battalion like there is for the 1st, which deactivated in 2007.
The Association's Historical Committee has a long list of projects, but one of them is to spend some time in the Maine State Archives and in the Maine National Guard records to learn more about the 2nd Battalion. In the meantime, the excerpts from the 1939 yearbook are shared here and in the links on the left.
Norman E. Whitney
2nd Battalion Commander, 1936 - 1942
Byron H. Smith
Captain, Adjutant
Clarence D. Barker
Captain, P & TO
Mills D. Barber, Jr.
Captain, Liaison Officer
John F. Choate
2nd Battalion Commander, 1934 - 1937
Frank Silliman, III
2nd Battalion Commander, 1929 - 1934
Battalion Staff, 1939
152nd Field Artillery Association
2nd Battalion Officers Photo Page (.pdf file, opens a new window)
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