Pre-World War II
Headquarters Battery and Combat Train, 1st Battalion
Houlton, Maine
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
From 1939 yearbook:

Headquarters Battery and Combat Train, First Battalion, 152nd Field Artillery, was recruited in Houlton by Captain Thomas P. Packard, Captain Roland C. Findley, First Lieutenants Russel H. Britton, Wendell W. Hand, Walter A. Cowan, and Second Lieutenant William H. Jenkins. These were the Battery's first officers. The unit was Federally recognized February 8, 1922.

From November 6 to 11, 1927, the battery aided in the search for a man lost at Masardis, Maine. On November 7, 1931, it was called to search for man (sic) lost at Haynesville, Maine, this duty lasting two days. The unit rendered very efficient and valuable service to the civil authorities on both of these occaisions and received very favorable comment from the sheriff of the county.

On February 11, 1934, the battery took part in the experimental winter maneuvers of the new trucks, with which the regiment had just been equipped. On February 22, 1939, the battery won the First Battalion Pistol Shoot at the Caribou Carnival and received a beautiful trophy donated by the Spaulding Company.
Thomas Packard
First Battery Commander
Captain Thomas P. Packard, the battery's first commander, was promoted to Major, Field Artillery, March 28, 1929, being succeeded by Captain Clement J. Carroll. The battery commanders since Federal recognition have been as follows: Captain Thomas P. Packard, February 28, 1922, to March 29, 1929, promoted to Major; Captain Clement J. Carroll, March 29, 1929 to February 28, 1931, transferred to Battalion Staff; First Lieutenant Laurence A. Peabody, March 1, 1931, to May 28, 1931, promoted to Captain, May 28, 1931.
Laurence A. Peabody
Clement J. Carroll
1929 -1931
Battery Commanders
152nd Field Artillery Association
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