Pre-World War II
Battery D, 2nd Battalion
Bangor, Maine
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
From 1939 yearbook:

Battery D, 152nd Field Artillery, is unique in this regiment in that it is the only organization which existed prior to the formation of the 152nd Field Artillery in 1921. It is thus the oldest unit in the regiment.

As Company M, 103rd Infantry, it inherited the traditions and battle streamers of the World War company of that designation and of the old Second Maine, dating back to 1861.

Company M was converted to Battery D, 152nd Field Artillery, on February 27, 1929.
Osgood A. Nickerson
Battery Commander in 1939
Battery Officers
in 1939
Harold A. Slager
James W. Bradbury
Arthur H. Norwood, Jr.
152nd Field Artillery Association
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