152nd Field Artillery Association
Honor Roll

The following Citizen Soldiers from the 1-152nd Field Artillery honorably served their country, state, and fellow citizens for 30 or more days in support of the operations below after September 11th, 2001.
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2010
October 2001 - May 2002

SSG Trevor Bennett - SGT Dale Bosse - SGT Phillip Cote - SGT Jody Doherty - SSG Thomas Gagnon SGT Luis Gonzales
SGT Douglas Horton - SGT Keith Lilly - CPL Harold Maker - SGT Sean Mantlow SGT Daniel McDonald - SGT Joel Michaud
SSG James Mynes - SGT David Soucy - SSG Rex Thompson - SSG Kenneth Vigue - SGT William Wade - SSG Stephen Waugh

March 2002 - October 2002

SPC Aron Atherton - SPC Joel Bailey - SPC Ralph Bartman - SPC Jesse Bellanger - PV2 Joshua Bennett
SSG Trevor Bennett - SSG Stephen Bigelow - SGT Dale Bosse - SPC Joseph Bourgoine - SPC Randy Bourgoine
PFC Robert Bowen - SGT Michael Bresette - CPT Jay Brock - PFC Douglas Capell - PFC David Cardona
SPC Larry Carll - SPC Danny Churchill - PFC Craig Clement - SSG Mark Dione - SGT Donald Dufour - SGT Robert Dubay
SSG Dwain Easler - SPC David Ellingwood - SFC Michael Farley - PFC Troy Fitzpatrick - PFC Brookes Gagnon
SFC Zane Grant - SGT Shawn Gurney - SSG David Hayes - SPC Charles Heath - SGT Raymond Hildebrand - SGT Gary Hill
SPC Scott Horton - SGT Sean Hurlburt - SSG Larry Jandreau - 1LT Robert Johnson - PFC Russell Johnson
SGT Rodney Jones - PFC Richard King - SGT Scott Larson - SGT Keith Lilly - CPL Harold Maker
SGT Guy Marquis - SPC Robert Martin - SPC Sherman Mason - SGT Daniel McDonald
SSG John McGary - SGT Douglas Michaud - SPC Robert Michaud - SPC Brian Moody - SPC Shane Morin
SPC Daniel Norton - SPC Joseph Nott - SGT Richard Paradis - SPC Jason Patterson
SPC John Pelletier - SPC David Pickens - SPC Jacob Pierce - SPC Donald Rafford - PV2 Shawn Rogers
SPC Allen Rood - SPC Kirk St. Peter - PFC Dana Sanford - SPC David Saucier - SSG Kenneth Saucier
SGT David Stitham - SGT Steven Taggett - SGT Lendell Tarr - SSG Phillip Tompkins - SPC Timothy Walden

Attached to the 112th Medical Company (Air Evac)
March 2003 - March 2004

CPT Jay Brock - SPC Lucas Heath - SGT Michael Hickey - SPC Sherman Mason

Attached to the 1136th Transportation Company
April 2003 - April 2004

SPC Jason Ainsworth - SPC Brian Barton - SPC David Guimond - SPC James Hutton
SPC Roger McCausland - SPC Aaron Olivares - SGT Tony Ramsdell - SPC Allen Rood - SPC Paul Shaw
SPC Lane Stanwood - SPC Sterling Tarr

1-152 FA (Forward)
December 2003 - February 2005

SPC Benjamin Allen - SPC Jamie Alley - SPC Eric Anderson - SPC Aron Atherton - SPC James Barnard
SFC Kevin Barnes - SPC Ralph Bartman - SPC Steven Beaulieu - SSG Lawrence Bechtel
SPC Joshua Bennett - SFC Trevor Bennett - SPC Calvin Bishop - SPC Jason Bones - SSG David Boone
SGT Christopher Burnett - SPC Douglas Capell - SPC Bradford Cirone - SPC Lary Cochran
SSG Tony Cochran - SPC Ronald Cohen - SPC Jesse Cote - PFC Craig Cottrell - SFC Ian Cowett
SPC Allen Crooker - SSG Scott Crooker - SPC Michael Cyr - SPC Phillip Cyrus - SGT Kent Demerchant
SPC Ryan Desfosses - SPC Samuel Dicentes - SGT Kirk Donovan - SPC Joseph Dorval
SPC Walter Dyer - SGT Kevin Farquharson - SPC Timothy Fullerton - SPC Brookes Gagnon
SGT Terry Gilmer - SFC Joseph Ginish - SGT Cary Gould - SSG Ronald Greene - SGT Jeffrey Grivois
SGT Leonard Hanson - SGT Benjamin Hazen - SPC Charles Heath - SSG Douglas Horton
SPC Scott Horton - SPC Christopher Hynick - CPL Samuel Jackson - SGT Peter Joyce
SGT Shawn Keyte - SGT Brett King - SPC Christian King - SPC Richard King - SGT Michael Knights
SPC William Kolreg - SPC Travis Lane - SGT Culley Lasselle - SGT Timothy Light - 1SG Michael Lord
SPC Michael Macarthur - SFC Andrew Mains - SPC John Mallette - SSG Sean Mantlow
CPL Richard Mayberry - SSG Michael McAfee - SPC Clayton McDonald - SSG Daniel McDonald
SPC Davis McKenney - SPC Shawn McMoarn - SGT Andrew McNally - SSG Corey McPhee
SPC Ryan Merritt - SGT Gary Milton - SPC Brian Moody - SPC Andrew Moores - SPC Scott Morey
SPC Scott Morgan - SGT Chad Morneault - 1LT Zebulan Murray - SPC Michael Nile - SGT Joseph Nott
SPC Timothy O'Donnell - SGT Geoffrey Page - SPC Peter Paradis - SPC Richard Parker
SPC Nathan Pease - SPC Douglas Penney - SPC Justin Poirier - SSG Normand Poitras
SPC Cheyenne Polchies - SPC Matthew Proulx - SGT Philip Putnam - SSG Matthew Quint
SPC Michael Quint - SPC Nicholas Quint - SPC Donald Rafford - SSG Mark Rediker - SSG Michael Rhoten
SPC Kyle Roy - SPC Dana Sanford - SGT Richard Schmidt - SPC Kevin Sherman
SGT Christopher Soucy - SFC Stephen Soucy - SPC Andrew Tapley - SGT Lendell Tarr - SFC James Tash
SPC Joshua Thomas - SPC William Thorndike - SPC Daniel Toby - CPT Phillip Trevino
SSG Kenneth Vigue - SPC Michael Ward - SPC Eric Willett - 1LT John Wilmot - SGT Paul Woodman
Individual Deployments to Afghanistan

LTC Verne McMoarn - August 2004 - August 2005
MAJ David Bremer - September 2004 - November 2005
Individual Deployment to Guantanamo Bay

1LT Michael Stanco - August 2004 - April 2005
Attached to the 133rd Engineer Battalion (Combat)(Heavy)
December 2003 - March 2005

SGT Leo Bouley - SPC Ryan Burkhart - SPC Ryan Chapman - SGT Danny Churchill - SGT Jason Dube
SGT Donald Dufour - SGT Reginald Duprey - SFC Robert Guerrette - SPC George McDougall - SSG John Ouellette
SPC Jason Patterson - SGT Steven Taggett - SFC Phillip Tompkins
Training Base Expansion - Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
January - December 2004

SSG Nathan Beaver - SPC Michael Berube - SPC Benjamin Boisvert - SPC Bradlee Boyles - PFC Eric Dionne
SGT Jody Doherty - SSG Joseph Guimond - SSG Gary Hill - SSG Gary Jandreau - SSG Leeroy King
SPC Ryan Lamoreau - SGT Scott Larson - PFC Ryan Lister - SPC Matthew Long - SPC Scott Robichaud
SPC Patrick Rodgerson - SPC Alan Sides - SGT Scott St. Peter - SPC Tyler Stratton - SPC Kenneth Symonds
SPC Travis Tilley - PFC James Vaughn - SFC Alen Willett
Attached to the 152nd Maintenance Company
January 2005 - April 2006

SPC Tyler Bickford - SPC Corey Bouchard - SPC Steven Gagnon - SGT Allen Gervais - PFC Brian Graham
SGT Raymond Hildebrand - SGT Luke Putnam - SGT Alan Roy - SGT David Stitham - SSG Merrill Waugh
SECFOR I - Attached to B Company, 3d Battalion, 172d Infantry (Mountain)
January 2006 - March 2007

PFC Michael Bernard - PV2 Jordan Bishop - SGT Joseph Bourgoine - SPC Aaron Brown - SGT James Canales
SPC Joshua Caron - PFC Theodore Cummings - SSG Kirk Cyr - SPC Randie Davenport - SGT John Deveau
SPC Christopher Dorr - SGT Scott Dow - SSG Daniel Durepo - SPC Benjamin Everett - SSG Thomas Gagnon
SPC Troy Gardner - SPC Todd Hafford - PFC Adam Hall - SGT Andrew Hanf - SPC James Jandreau
SPC Douglas Kelly - SSG William Kespert - SFC Gerald Kirk - PV2 Darren Lapoint - SPC Kenny Letourneau
SPC Eric Levesque - PFC Jeremy Lockhart - PFC Sidney Mailman - SPC Benjamin Maloney
SPC Davis McKenney - PVT James McKenney - SPC Matthew McPherson - SGT Seth Milton
SGT Mitchell Montpetit - SPC Mitchell Pickering - SPC Joshua Ramos - SPC Shawn Rogers
PFC Darrell Theriault - SPC James Theriault - SFC Philip Tompkins - PFC Thomas Troxell - SPC TimothyTroxell
SGT Richard Voisine - SPC Eric Walker - SPC Michael Warner - SSG Stephen Waugh - SPC Arthur Whitaker
SPC Eric Willett
SECFOR II - Ad Hoc Company - Attached to 1-121 FA
April 2006 - July 2007

SPC James Barnard - SPC Ralph Bartman - SFC Paul Beaulieu - SGT Andrew Bugbee - CW2 David Cheney
CPT Kent Cousins - SGT Joseph Dorval - 1SG Paul Eubank - 1LT H. Michael Gary - 1LT John Gates
SSG Gary Jandreau - PVT James Larosa - SGT Guy Marquis - PVT Raymond McCrary - SPC Andrew Moores
SGT Scott Morgan - SPC David Nelson - SGT Joseph Nott - SPC Peter Paradis - SPC Richard Parker*
PVT Dustin Pelletier - PFC Aaron Priest - SPC William Pulliam - SGT Donald Rafford - SGT Scott Sjoberg
2LT Stephen Spearin - 1SG James Tash - SSG John Thibodeau - PFC Dennis Troxell - SSG Joshua Willett
SPC Roger Willett - SGT Paul Woodman

SGT Richard Parker

*On June 14 2007 Sergeant Richard K. Parker died from wounds caused by an IED explosion. The device detonated near his vehicle during combat operations in Iraq. SGT Parker, a member of A Battery, 1-152nd Field Artillery Battalion stationed in Waterville honorably volunteered for the Security Force II deployment. His unit conducted extensive force protection operations, convoy security and route clearance in Iraq. Parker was a driver and a gunner of an M1114 Gun Truck.

At 26 years old, Sergeant Parker was on his second deployment to Iraq. From 2004 to 2005, he was stationed at Abu Ghraib Prison with the 152nd FA Forward. He performed honorably as a Corrections Specialist in the aftermath of the prison abuse scandal. During this dangerous period the soldiers were targeted daily by small arms fire, VBIEDs and mortars.

According to his friends and family, Parker was interested in joining the military at a young age and was proud to follow in the footsteps of several family members. In fact, Parker and his brother joined at the Maine National Guard at the same time and went to basic training together at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Sergeant Parker was a greatly respected member of his unit and the Maine Army National Guard. He truly loved serving his country and embodied the army values of duty, honor, selfless service and personal courage. He received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal and Combat Action Badge posthumously.

Sadly, Richard Parker who was engaged to be married left behind son. He never got a chance to meet Keagan born in January of 2007. A scholarship fund has been set up for anyone wishing to make a donation in Parker's memory.

The Sgt. Richard K. Parker Scholarship Fund

c/o Judy McCurdy, Guidance Office, Mt. Abram High School
1513 Salem Road, Salem, ME 04983

Attached to the 240th Engineer Group
January 2006 - April 2007

SGT Scott Cyr - MSG Matthew Corriveau - SSG James Judkins
Afghanistan National Army (ANA) Mentor Teams - Attached to 3rd Battalion, 172d Infantry (Vermont National Guard)
September 2003 - August 2004

MAJ William Hurley - CW2 Clifford Caldwell
Attached to the 198th Military Police Company (Kentucky ARNG)
November 2005 - November 2006

SSG David Boone
Embedded Training Team members
2008 - 2009

LTC Michael Pooler - MAJ Sean Harmon - MAJ Kris Nelson - CPT Grant Delaware - 1LT Stephen Spearin - 1SG Duane Rancourt
SFC Shawn Gurney - SFC Hal Maker
Post-Deactivation Honor Roll

The following former members of the 1-152nd Field Artillery deployed in support of the operations below after the deactivation of the battalion in the fall of 2007.
C Company, 1/126th Aviation (Evac)
2008 - 2009

George McDougal - Seth Milton - Joe Plourde - Kirk St. Peter

286th Combat Service Support Battalion
2009 - 2010

SFC Lawrence Bechtel - CW2 James Belanger - MSG Danny Boucher - SPC Tyler Bragg - CW3 David Cheney - SSG Jesse Cote
1LT Eric Dos Santos - SGT Steven Gagnon - SSG Nathaniel Grace - CPT Frederick Kaiser - SSG Cully Lasselle
CPT Scott Lewis - SSG Chad Morneault - CPT Zebulan Murray - SSG Kyle Roy - SPC Josh Sennett - SFC David Smith
SSG Steve Taggett - CPT John Wilmot