152nd Field Artillery Association
"My Twenty Years in the Maine Guard"
Leroy E. Adams

Leroy "Roy" Adams joined the 152nd Field Artillery in 1923, and mobilized with the Battalion in 1941. He wrote this series of memories in 1988-1989 while living at the Maine Veteran's Home in Augusta, for publication in their bi-monthly magazine. These articles have been donated by his son, MG (Ret) Earl Adams. Roy Adams passed away in 1994.
(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
Part 1: "I enlisted in the Maine National Guard July the First, Nineteen Twenty-three. Joined "A" 152nd FA when they reorganized the Guard after WWI......(read more)
Part 2: "I remember one morning as we were harnessing up the horses prior to going out for drill, each man would carry his harness down behind his team. This morning Boone Packard and I were......(read more)
Part 3: Riding the train to Fort Devens with the horses. (read more)
Part 4: Mobilization in 1941 and life at Camp Blanding. (read more)
Part 5: The Louisiana Maneuvers, and a visit to New Orleans. (read more)
Part 6: More Louisiana Maneuvers, and the camp floods. (read more)
Part 7: On the train to Fort Sill for Officer Candidate School. (read more)