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The 1980's
152nd Field Artillery Association
A Battery Commander and parade Grand Marshall Captain Brent Boyles and Sergeant Rich Wark
The 1980s saw the departure of the M114 "Pig" and the arrival of the new M198 Howitzer, Annual Training at Fort A.P. Hill, Charlie winning the Eisenhower Trophy for best unit in the state (twice), and the entire battalion doing "battle maneuvers" on private land throughout the northern part of the County.
Lieutenant Colonel Sheldon Lyons, Battalion Commander from July 1985 - December 1987
The M198s arrive in September 1986
Charlie Battery celebrates another Eisenhower Trophy as best unit in the State
Staff Sergeant Henderson and Sergeant First Class Gardner
Staff Sergeant George Merritt and crew from B Battery
The "what goes on at camp stays at camp" statute of limitations has expired.....
Command Sergeant Major Frank O'Donnell and Sergeant Merlin Burpee
1985 CNGB State Champions-
Combat Rifle
SSG Calvin Hafford
SSG Richard Libby
SGT David Henderson
SFC Owen Botting
1986 Best Section-Direct Fire
SSG Richard Libby
SGT Pete Gerow
SGT Fred Haley
SGT Gary Sawyer
SGT Daniel Williams
SP4 David Oakes
SP4 Bruce Campbell
SP4 Michael O'Hara
SP4 Douglas Rogerson
PV2 Robert Lefay
One of the legendary B Battery pig roasts, this one in 1989
1988 Best Howitzer Section
SSG Noyes, Section Chief
SGT Norman Ginnish
SGT Horace Russell
SP4 David Grant
SP4 Steve McQueen
PFC Kyle Carmichael
PFC Thomas Clark
PFC Mark Lake
1988 Best Special Weapons Team
SSG William Folsom, Team Chief
SP4 Bruce Michaud
SP4 Terry Cropley
SP4 Roger Rairdon
SP4 Mike Botting
SP4 Steve McQueen
SP4 Douglas Condon
Other Unit Awards

1983 - Phillip A Connelly Award - Best Field Kitchen - Service Battery

1988 - Annual Training Unit Safety Award - Service Battery

1989 - Best Training Award - A Battery

1986 - Eisenhower Trophy - C Battery

1987 - Best Unit Tactical Operations Award - Combat Trains

1988 - Annual Training Best Leadership - B Battery