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In 2000 the battalion travelled to Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah for Annual training. Most of the firing positions allowed the gun crews to observe their own fires....
STAND BY.... Staff Sergeant McPhee leads his crew in a mission
A Battery Fire Direction Center erects their OE254 antenna at Dugway
In 2001, the battalion fielded the new Advanced field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), among the very first National Guard battalions to do so, along with the 197th Field Artillery Brigade.
"Crown 36, this is Aroostook 36....did you get that fire mission?" SFC Alen Willette, the battalion's Digital Master Gunner, in one of the new FDC vehicles.
Between 2000 and 2001, the battalion headquarters moved out of the General Carter State Armory and into the Solman Armory on Sincock Street.
1SG Mike Gagnon in the new HHS orderly room at the Solman Armory.
SSG Ouellette and SGT Pelletier at work in the new kitchen
A sad, but proud, day....
Medics SPC Dow and SPC Haney outside one of their several exam rooms in the new armory
In 2006 the battalion found itself on the chopping block, and was selected for deactivation.
The 2000's
152nd Field Artillery Association
Fort Kent platoon, Charlie Battery
LTC Mike Pooler (L) and CSM Shawn Thibodeau case the battalion colors during the battalion deactivation ceremony, September 2007.