(c) 152nd Field Artillery Association, 2009
The 1940's
152nd Field Artillery Association
Front: Lineback (Benny) Cyr, Bouchard, Jesse Russell, Herbert Brown, Hawksley, Lee Fields, George Bagrell.
Back: Edwin Farley, McNair, Hiram Towle, Harvey Olmstead, Pelletier, Halbert Stevens, Oscar Messecar, Darris Levesque. [names from an annotated copy of the photo on file; if you can fill in some blanks, let us know]
Photo of Battalion Officers in 1947, probably at the Federal Recognition ceremony. Original photo annotated with only four names: LTC Brown (front, 2nd from left), MAJ Russell (front, 2nd from right), Gerald Forbes (back, 5th from left), and Keith Milton (back, 6th from left)
The only remaining unit of the old regiment, the 1st Battalion reorganized in 1946 and was Federally recognized in January 1947. The battalion maintained their affiliation with the 103rd Regimental Combat Team until the 1950s.