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The 1960's
152nd Field Artillery Association
Captain Archer and Major Doody. Original inscription reads "Millinocket Artillery, May 1968," but I didn't think we had a presence there until 1969?
We started the decade as the "1st Automatic Weapons Battalion," but by 1961 we were back to Field Artillery, and at some point in the early 60's we actually had self-propelled howitzers. Can anyone shed light on the transition from Twin 40's to SP to the M114?
Who had the "Snow White" gun? Photo dated 1968.
State Chaplain Lee conducts Mass during Annual Training at Fort Drum in 1969
Charlie Battery, 1964
Cooking at Camp Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Jun-Jul 1960
SSG Emile Pelletier presenting a gift to a CFB Gagetown representative. If anyone knows more details, please comment in the Bulletin Board Album