152nd Field Artillery Association
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Name Index - 1939 Maine National Guard "Yearbook"

Listed below are names found in in the 152nd Field Artillery pages of the 1939 Maine Army National Guard "yearbook." This page is intended to serve as an index page found by those who perform searches on Google or other search engines while researching names from the 152nd's past.

The pages from the 152nd Field Artillery portions have been scanned and saved as .pdf files, and each name below is linked to the appropriate file. This is a work in progress, and if you'd like to help visit our project page.

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Leroy E. Adams
Albert G. Aldrich
Jay E. Alley
Clarence E. Anderson
James L. Anderson
Winfield Arey
Philip A. Arsenault
Ray M. Astle
Roger L. Averill
George E. Bagnall
Lewis P. Baillargeon
Mills D. Barber, Jr.
Clarence D. Barker
Samuel F. Bartlett
George P. Bates
John H. Black
Donald M. Booker
Earl W. Bowen
Herbert L. Bowen
Arthur A. Boyle
James W. Bradbury
James W. Bradbury
Wilber E. Bradt
Grover C. Brown
Herbert M. Brown
Frank W. Burns
Stephen R. Bussell
Wallace H. Campbell
George W. Carey
George M. Carter
Simon L. Caswell
Philip J. Cayford
Leonard H. Center
John F. Choate
Leon J. Cole
Harry J. Constantine
Roland A. Coffin
Gorden H. Cook
Ernest B. Cormier
Harold H. Coslow
William A. Cox, Jr.
Charles D. Crowley
Thomas B. Curran
Robert E. Curran
Raymond J. Dauphinee
Allen A. Day
Charles W. Day
Clifford L. Dean
Dayson D. DeCourcy
Vincent R. DeCourcy
Harry E. Delahunt
Thomas A. DeWolfe
Joseph S. Dinsmore
Francis E. Dolan
Henry P. Dolan
Joseph F. Doran
Joseph F. Dostie
James E. Downes
Frederick B. Duffy
Bernard W. Dunton
Wilfred P. Duprey
Vincent E. Elliott
William H. Erb, Jr.
Richard Faulkham
Joseph L. Feehan
Paul F. Fessenden
Harold E. Field
John W. Finn
Lynwood W. Fisher
Lynwood W. Fisher
James D. Folan, Jr.
Leonard H. Ford, Jr.
Gerald E. French
Robert M. French
Charles J. Gallagher
William H. Grant
Winslow V. Grant
Virgil A. Hatch
Leslie C. Heartz
Leslie C. Heartz
William F. Helm
Albert W. Hewey
Leo J. Higgins
Thomas J. Higgins
Winston R. Hurd
Robert S. Hussey
Frederick S. Hutchinson
William R. Jenkins, Jr.
Eugene R. Johnson

Charles W. Jordan
Raymond M. Keirstead
Joseph L. Kelly
John J. Kenney
Herbert L. Ketch
Henry E. King, Jr.
Roland E. King
Albert L. LaForge
Adelard J. Laliberte
Warren M. Lawrence
William J. LeClair
Frederic A. Leonard
Milton E. Lepage
Harold C. Lobley
Clifford L. Lord
Harold S. Lounsbury
Maynard L. MacEwen
Phillip E. Maynard
Driscoll T. McCarthy
Floyd E. McGlauflin
Kenneth O. McLaughlin
Burrill C. McMannus
John R. Millett
Lawrence J. Mishou
Kenneth L. Morrill
Leon N. Nadeau
Maynard C. Nadeau
John F. Nichols
Nelson W. Nichols
Osgood A. Nickerson
Osgood A. Nickerson
Roscoe C. Nickerson
Arthur H. Norwood
Arthur H. Norwood, Jr.
Corwin H. Olds
LLoyd E. Oliver
William H. Owen, Jr.
Edward J. Parent
Chester P. Parker
Clarence E. Parker
Laurence A. Peabody
Paul L. Pooler
Frank E. Powers
Fremont W. Prescott
George W. Putnam
John T. Quinn
Wesley E. Rankin
Sherwin M. Ricker
Cyrus Roberts
James R. Ruhlin
Jesse R. Russell
James E. Ryan
Harold A. Slager
Harold A. Slager
Byron H. Smith
Glendon E. Smith
Galen S. Snow
Louis R. Soucier
Maxwell M. Southard
Louis C. Stearns
Donald M. Stewart
Harold L. Stewart
William A. Stevens
William D. Tardiff
Robert J. Thibodeau
Arthur D. Thomas
Edward E. Turner
O'Dillion C. Turner
Thomas E. Tyrell
Walter F. Ulmer
Gerald W. Upton
Edward J. Verrill
Merle C. Watson
Lawrence J. Wentworth
Edmund D. White
Malcolm J. Wilkes
Charles J. Wilson, Jr.
Kenneth H. Wood
Robert A. York
Edward V. Young
Fredrick L. Youngs